Traditional Mixed Martial Arts in Illinois

Any true traditional mixed martial arts in Illinois that you study whether it be Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Jiu Jitsu ,boxing to name but a few, are all built on the same principles, mainly breathing control and learning how to control both your body and your mind. It is impossible and incorrect to say which martial art is the most superior as each is respectable in its own right and each has advantages and disadvantages. However, the physical attributes of the martial art are irrelevant. Most people who practice the martial arts will hopefully never need to use their knowledge of how to defend themselves.

Self-defense training in Illinois focusing on self awareness, self defense, health benefits, self confidence, fitness, discipline, flexibility and breathing control are some reasons to name but a few. Any martial art, irrespective of its name and origin, if taught correctly of course, is based on teaching students these benefits to help them as a human being and that is why people still want to learn the martial arts hundreds of years on. We can take Tae Kwon Do in Illinois as an example.

If you only practice a martial art for the physical reasons there is only so long you can retain your motivation and energy. At a certain point in time you will either become bored or physically your body, because of age, will not be able to do what you want it to do. In the main when students get to this position they quit and give up. Even people who have practiced the martial art at international level and have been at the top of their game give up. This is inevitable if you only practice the kicking and the punching and fitness work. In any martial art there are maybe only 5% of students wishing to fight competitively. What about the other 95% of students who maybe do not want to fight or are too old or have a disability of some description? Only by education and combining your physical training with the spiritual will you find longevity in the best martial arts school in IL